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Greensea develops technology to improve the relationship operators have with robotics by making the work they do together more productive and satisfying.

Building the Stage for Innovation

Greensea started in 2006 based on the belief that a commercially available open architecture software platform could break down siloed technology and dramatically change the marine industry. We felt confident that robust, precise, integrated navigation and control systems were possible in offshore vehicles and that they could be operator friendly. Until 2008, we spent every day designing and developing the architecture behind a software suite that could deliver precision and accuracy to ROVs and AUVs that was easy to use, easy to maintain, robust, and portable. Since 2008, we have provided hundreds of installations to the offshore and military industries. Based on a common architecture and a central software library, our system grows stronger every day, with every dive, and by every hour underwater. We feel this is the most powerfully integrated control and navigation technology available in the offshore market today.

Technology that Delivers on a Promise

  • We started our company with one goal in mind: to improve the relationship between man and machine. To do so, we built a platform for the marine industry that would integrate vehicles, sensors, and equipment into one robotic system. OPENSEA® represents a decade of development and cross-manufacturer partnerships; providing a robust environment for new and emerging technologies.
  • OPENSEA provides the marine industry an open architecture, distributed, and modular software framework for developing and adopting complex robotic systems. Through OPENSEA, Greensea provides the marine industry a comprehensive and open solution for advanced navigation, vehicle control, supervised autonomy, and human machine interfacing. Through coordination of these systems and emerging technologies, we are advancing robotic systems for high level tasking, interoperability, and intervention. OPENSEA provides the most robust framework available for innovation, technology insertion, and providing end-users solutions to complex problems today that can scale for tomorrow.

“I realized very early that the failure of emerging technology in marine robotics was not the lack of good technologies, it was the lack of good solutions.”

— Ben Kinnaman, CEO

Greensea’s CEO, Ben Kinnaman, is the chief architect of the Open Software and Equipment Architecture (OPENSEA), Greensea’s core software platform, as well as Greensea’s vehicle control, inertial navigation, and feature-based localization technologies. Ben has been in the marine industry for 20 years working as a diver, an ROV and AUV technician, and as an engineer. Ben founded Greensea in 2006 to develop advanced control and navigation systems for the offshore industry that were intuitive, robust, and reliable. Under Ben’s leadership, Greensea has delivered more than 2,500 systems and become a global leader in marine robotics.

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