We are looking to solve the hard problems faced by our customers by pushing subsea robotics in new directions. If you are committed to doing your best work and contributing to our team, we want to hear from you.

Our Work and Customers

At any point in time, there is most likely a Greensea powered vehicle in every ocean of the world doing incredible work – collecting data from beneath the McMurdo Ice Shelf in Antarctica, finding ships lost during WWII, providing navigation and communication for military divers, assisting with the deactivation of explosive ordnance, and discovering new life at depths up to 6,000 meters. Greensea’s technology provides the navigation, control, and autonomy needed to accomplish this work by improving the relationship that humans have with robotics. Our mission, every day, is to make the human-machine relationship more productive and satisfying. We are looking for people to join us who will put our customers first, will work to solve the difficult problems our customers face, and will constantly think about the next big thing that will change how work is done with robotics.

Our Company

Greensea supports two office locations in Richmond, Vermont and Plymouth, Massachusetts. The Richmond office is in the heart of Richmond, VT, a quintessential Vermont town within 20 minutes of both Burlington and Montpelier, putting it within easy commuting distance to major cities and recreational areas. The Plymouth location is right on the waterfront in the heart of the marine industry. A short commute to and from Boston is made easier by direct access to a MBTA stop.

Though not every position has a choice to work in a specific location, Greensea strives to allow employees to work in either location. Under select circumstances, remote work may also be acceptable.

Greensea offers a benefit program that provides excellent coverage for healthcare as well as opportunities for professional advancement. View/download our Benefits Flyer.

Richmond, VT

Plymouth, MA

Led by Production Manager, Chelsea Allen, the Production team is responsible for manufacturing and testing Greensea products. The Production Team is made up of people committed to manufacturing the best possible products for our customers. They are obsessed with the perfection of the tiniest details knowing that this leads to the quality of a final product that has people’s lives and fortunes at stake. Working closely with engineering, Production is involved with the entire production process – from building prototypes to at-sea factory acceptance of final product. It’s not unusual for a Production team member to wire a sub-assembly for a 6,000 meter ROV one day and perform on-water quality testing of a benthic crawler the next day. The Production team is a tight-knit group of dedicated employees.

Production Jobs at Greensea

Members of the Sales and Administration team move the Greensea ball down the field while at the same time, team members keep all of Greensea's day to day operations running smoothly. Led by COO Marybeth Gilliam, the main focus of this team is to ensure that we are looking for new business, nurturing our customer relationships, and maintaining profitability and accountability. Being a member of the Greensea Sales and Admin team means that you are detail oriented and willing to put our customers' needs first.

Sales and Admin Jobs at Greensea

The Engineering team is responsible for all of the great software and hardware that Greensea creates. It's expected that team members are passionate about what they do, be that navigation, robotics or user interface development. Our engineers are always looking for the best solution even if it doesn't yet exist. Team members are empowered to explore the latest technologies and to learn new techniques. Greensea's engineers must support the basic concepts of Agile development principles: customer satisfaction, continuous integration, self organizing teams, and simplicity Members of this team spend time traveling to exotic locations (Monaco, Switzerland, or Sweden for example) to support our customers. You will put all of your education and experience to work when you join the engineering team.

Engineering Jobs at Greensea

The Program Support team provides our military programs with the training and tools needed to maximize the potential of their Greensea products. Team members are likely to have spent time in the military, experiencing first hand what it means to be in combat. Through instruction, demonstration, and troubleshooting, Program Support team members provide our military customers with the knowledge and training to minimize their risk. Program Support team candidates find satisfaction in interacting directly with our military end users and continue to feel a sense of accomplishment in contributing to our customers success.

Program Support Jobs at Greensea

Service and Support team members are integral to the success of Greensea as they help our customers install, use, and become proficient with our products. Team members must be patient and calm under pressure as they are often providing support across time zones via satellite phones. Support team members must understand the intricies of our products. Having experience in the field or at sea will help them understand challenges that our customers face on a daily basis. Service and support team members may travel to our customers to support and train them upon delivery of new products. Regina Yopak leads our Service and Support team as Applications Engineer and Service Manager.

Service and Support positions at Greensea

Open Positions

Technical Writer

Greensea is seeking a Technical Writer—a dynamic, top performer eager to work in a fast-paced technical environment. This position will support the delivery of software products used in Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs), Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs), and diver mobility systems. In addition, it will support research and development programs used in new technologies for marine robotics.

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Software Release Lead

The Software Release Lead is a member of the Quality team and is responsible for the testing, verification, and release processes for Greensea’s software products. They work closely with stakeholders from Engineering, Program Management, Product Development, and Sales to coordinate the on-time and quality release of software company wide. The Software Release Lead is expected to own the software release lifecycle, including verification, testing, QA/QC, documentation, licensing, release, and release documentation. They will be agile, collaborative, and focused with an extremely deep technical understanding of Greensea’s software product and will be wholly committed to delivering a quality product.

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Systems Administrator

The Systems Administrator will be a contributing member of the diverse and passionate Quality Team at Greensea. This position will be responsible for all of the general systems administration for two offices, as well as overseeing the IT needs of remote workers. The Systems Administrator will be charged with implementing security best practices, maintaining the server(s), managing employee workstations, troubleshooting network issues, and ensuring compliance. In addition, this driven individual will work directly with clients to properly set up their system’s networking to support our software installs—specifically as it relates to routing.

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Robotics Engineer

The Robotics Engineer will be a critical member of the passionate, multidisciplinary engineering team at Greensea. They will be involved in all phases of system and technology development including design, implementation, testing, and deployment. This position is primarily focused on integrating Greensea’s technology with marine vehicle systems. They will take part in analysis of navigation sensors and vehicle system dynamics, writing drivers for embedded hardware, integration of navigation and control software with vehicles in the field, and assist with technical support. The Robotics Engineer will deeply understand and appreciate how operators use subsea robotics to accomplish modern tasks and appreciate the role our software plays in allowing operators to be more effective and more productive. They will seek to discover gaps in the current technology preventing optimal efficiency and develop innovations to bridge those gaps.

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Quality Team Lead

The Quality Team Lead will work with multiple stakeholders to ensure hardware and software products are developed and delivered with the highest quality possible, conform to Greensea’s quality standards, and meet customer requirements. The Quality Team Lead will also work to lead a culture of quality throughout the organization by developing, implementing, and maintaining action-oriented processes that ensure a quality end product is the goal of every endeavor. The successful candidate will own the quality process at Greensea and work hard to serve our customers by helping all our team members produce a quality end deliverable, whether a prototype, product, or service.
The Quality Team Lead will be responsible for designing, maintaining, and implementing the total quality management system at Greensea consisting of the Quality Assurance and Quality Control processes as well as the software release process. The ideal candidate will be agile, collaborative, and focused, with an extremely deep technical understanding of Greensea’s software product and will be wholly committed to delivering a quality product. The QA Team Lead will rely on process, but will be action oriented and practical, always measuring success by customer satisfaction. They will be responsible for designing and maintaining systems of work and managing documentation that assures the highest quality of all our builds.

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Navigation and Controls Engineer

The Navigation and Controls Engineer will develop novel solutions for effective robot navigation and control to support some of the most complex tasks conceived for submersible robotics. They will work within a small project team to understand the customer story and help Greensea provide a product that meets expectations
and requirements. The Navigation and Controls Engineer will be the primary stakeholder for developing, implementing, testing, and supporting the methods the robot uses for localization and control. They will be responsible for the entire spectrum of technology development: requirements and design, algorithm and software development, verification and validation, implementation and support.

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