Quick Tip for Workspace #6

We’re going to be putting the breaks on with Quick Tip for Workspace #6. Sorry, I can’t resist a bad joke when given the chance. But seriously, your ROV is an expensive and complex piece of machinery loaded with delicate and (also expensive) sensors. One of your goals during any mission is to keep the […]

Quick Tip for Workspace #5

We’re back with another quick tip for Greensea’s ROV control software UI, Workspace. In Quick Tip No. 3 we talked about how to create a simple mission. But manually creating a survey type mission can be tedious. This tip will show you how to quickly create a survey mission using the region tool. To create […]

Quick Tip for Workspace #4

Waypoint Details In Quick Tip No. 3 we talked about how you could control your vehicle using Waypoints to command the vehicle and created a simple mission. In this quick tip, we’ll talk about how you can use the waypoint editor to create more detailed waypoints. The Default Way Let’s say you execute a two […]

Quick Tip for Workspace #3

In Quick Tip No. 2 we talked about how you can use auto modes and setpoints to control your vehicle. Quick Tip No. 3 is about how you can control your vehicle using Waypoints to command the vehicle to go to and hold at a location or to create missions. We’ll also take a minute […]

Quick Tip for Workspace #2

Quick Tip #2 is all about auto-settings. These are the controls that pass off some of the workload of controlling the vehicle to Workspace. Without any auto-settings or “autos” turned on, you will be directly controlling  the vehicle with the joystick/controller/computer. Piloting the vehicle becomes much easier if you are using the autos. Not all […]

Quick Tips for Workspace #1

Our first Quick Tips for Workspace is an easy one to master and based on your workflow, you might use it a lot or you might seldom use it. Quick Tip No. 1: Switch views quickly with the F-keys. By using the F-keys (the row of keys at the top of a keyboard), you can […]

Crawler Testing Ends in Texas

The Crawler Experience has moved to Texas where the trip is beginning to wind down. The time in Texas was spent meeting with people who have a real interest learning more about the Greensea Crawler as a viable solution to hull grooming and hull inspection. But it wasn’t all work for the Crawler, affectionately nicknamed, […]

Say hello to my little friend

A lady box turtle crossed paths with Karl and Erin while they were enjoying an early morning cup of coffee. After being saluted, she continued on to lay her eggs and the Crawler Experience continued on to Texas. After a weekend break and a travel day, the Crawler Experience will be in Houston, Texas area […]

Work in Florida Continues

Testing of the Hull Crawler continues in Port Canaveral, Florida. The crawler (I’m starting to refer to the crawler as Clyde because it just needs a name and I name everything including my iRobot vacuum) has been fit with grooming brushes and the crew is hard at work testing – tuning – retesting to get […]

Florida for Hull Grooming Tests

After more than 1300 miles and a substantial amount of tolls, The Crawler Experience has made it to Florida. Greensea Account Executive and Crawler Wrangler, Karl Lander, was able to get the crawler and rig to the Center for Corrosion and Biofouling Control for the next stage of testing and development. Here at the CCBC, […]

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