Testing Continues

The ships have gotten noticeably bigger. The next stop on the Crawler Experience was Newport News, Virginia. Newport News may have been named after Captain Christopher Newport, commander of Susan Constant, which was the flagship of the three-ship English fleet that landed on Jamestown Island in 1607. He made several voyages to Newport News in […]

Have Crawler. Will Travel.

Karl’s and his wife’s home for the next few weeks, is a pretty sweet ride (and color coordinated, too!). They packed up the camper with everything that they might need so that they can make as few stops as possible. They’ll stay in campsites if available and will have all the modern conveniences so will […]

The Crawler Experience

Greensea’s Karl Lander begins an epic journey down the east coast with a camper and hull crawler in tow. Work hasn’t ended for Greensea. Normally this time of year, we are traveling around the world installing systems and working with customers to get the most out of their subsea robots. But as we’ve all experienced, […]

COVID-19 Update

Greensea has taken the following steps to ensure that our customers and our employees stay safe. We are following rules and guidelines set forth by the State of Vermont and the Center for Disease Control. The Richmond facility is open for employees who are members of the Production Team. Returning employees must adhere to: A […]

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