• A Passion for “How Things Work.”

    Building our community through education and hands-on experience.

Community Outreach

Our crew has incredible knowledge, technology and experience when it comes to robotics, and nothing is more rewarding than sharing it with the community.

We believe the best way to inspire future engineers and scientists is to put them in the pilot's seat. So our classroom is usually our boat, the lake and our workshop. We encourage curiosity and emphasize creativity, generative thinking, and teamwork – all skills that are essential to innovation.

Ultimately our goal is to ignite a passion for STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) that one day they will want to pass along as well. If we accomplish that we feel we've done something really worthwhile.


ROV Camps & MATE Program

This age range presents a fantastic opportunity to connect kids to robotics as they consider their college majors or careers. We feel underwater robotics offers a fantastic platform to engage kids with wide varieties of interests with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). We host an ROV camp every summer and are building a local MATE team out of the success of that camp.



Greensea's doors have swung open many times for students with educational STEM experience. We bring them in to experience a practical application of the concepts they've learned. Our interns are contributing members of the engineering team and get valuable one-on-one training in control systems, electronics, programming, assembly, and testing. How valuable? Our last intern is now working at Google but most importantly, many are now full-time engineering staff.

Echo Camp

Introduction to Robotics

The future of robotics is in the hands of the next generation. We introduce children to the field — teaching them what robots are, how they work, and why they're important — in the hope of sparking an enduring interest. A requirement for each Greensea intern is 10+ hours of community service teaching these young learners. We hope to instill a passion for “paying it forward” while fueling the cycle of learning.


Joanna E Strong Kinnaman, PhD

Our outreach efforts are led by the First Lady of Greensea, Joanna Kinnaman. Joanna, who has a Ph.D in Clinical Psychology, has felt the desire to give back to the community since the company first opened its doors and works tirelessly to make the connection meaningful. She's set the example for us all of paying it forward — spreading goodwill to our neighbors so they'll do the same for others.