Greensea announces partnership with GRi Simulations to develop simulation environment for OPENSEA

Richmond, Vermont USA/Newfoundland & Labrador, CANADA –  Greensea Systems, creator of OPENSEA®, the universal open architecture software platform for the marine industry, has partnered with GRi Simulations, creators of real-time simulation, modeling, and visualization for critical marine activities to develop a simulation environment for OPENSEA and OPENSEA-enabled control systems.  The partners’ objective is to further develop virtual training standards that will provide operators, technicians, and other subject matter experts the experience and practice needed to be successful in critical subsea environments using OPENSEA control systems.

Greensea contracted GRi to develop a back-end simulation environment for OPENSEA that provides a virtual environment constructed of custom scenes and a physics engine based on actual subsea vehicle models.  The GRi system provides OPENSEA raw sensor data as well as raw sonar data so that an existing OPENSEA-enabled control system can work as-is within the simulation environment.  This architecture enables training on current production-release OPENSEA systems.  Greensea is currently providing the simulator for EOD Workspace, Greensea’s software environment for maritime robotics working in Explosive Ordnance Disposal operations, RNAV2, Greensea’s diver navigation system developed and marketed with STIDD Systems Inc., and Greensea’s Professional ROV Workspace, sold as OEM software to several ROV manufacturers.

“Training is vital to developing and maintaining proficiency.  While always challenging in the subsea industry, COVID-19 restrictions made getting offshore time more challenging over the past year.  An accurate simulation environment that utilizes the exact software operators will use in the field is a meaningful and effective training system, “ says Ben Kinnaman, Greensea CEO.  “The realism provided by the GRi system is spectacular.  Since it provides raw sensor data to OPENSEA, operators can train on the entire software stack prior to going offshore.”

This partnership represents a significant milestone for GRi.  As CEO Russell Pelley puts it, “Developing simulator projects involving such top shelf vehicle hardware designs and leading edge control software represented by  Greensea’s innovative products is both a pleasure and privilege and we are gratified by the improvement in competency and operational safety to be gained by our clients.  GRi is looking forward to the prospect of simulating a wide range of advanced marine systems through our partnership with Greensea Systems.”

Greensea is offering a standard simulation environment for sale to its OEMs and direct to End Users for a variety of different navigation and control products, including the RNAV2 and EOD Workspace.


Greensea is the creator of OPENSEA, an open architecture software platform, and is a world leader in navigation and autonomy technology for marine robotics. Greensea develops software and hardware that revolutionizes the working relationship between people and machines. They are known for innovative and powerful technology designed for in-the-field success by a team of industry-experienced engineers driven to help customers get their job done. Since opening in Richmond, Vermont in 2006, the company has successfully delivered more than 1000 OPENSEA-based systems to the manned and unmanned maritime industry. Greensea directly supports several military programs with products, training, and technology development, including Explosive Ordnance Disposal using miniature marine robotics, Special Operations Forces combat diving, and ship hull robotics. Greensea also provides OPENSEA software products and services to Original Equipment Manufacturers and leading developers and integrators throughout the marine industry. To learn more, visit, email, connect on Linkedin, or call us at +1.802.434.6080.


For over 20 years GRi Simulations Inc. has focused on real-time simulation, modeling and visualization of critical marine activities to support increased process efficiency and operational safety.  Starting with the release of the Virtual Remotely Operated Vehicle (VROV) Simulator System – an ROV pilot training platform with unparalleled dynamic realism–GRi has continued to innovate based upon the unique challenges and opportunities of its clients and partners.  This has solidified VROV’s status as an industry-leading ROV pilot training tool while adding dimensions of situational testing and mission rehearsal to its utility.  With the introduction of iDEA-FDK, an advanced 3D design and visualization tool, GRi has created a digital twin platform by which VROV simulation and high-fidelity engineering analysis tools can facilitate subsea facility design, promoting the environmental and operational objectives of oil and gas projects.   Please visit, or contact us  at  or +1.709.747.5599.


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