Greensea Launches EOD Workspace Simulator

Simulator replicates subsea environments for training

Richmond, Vermont USA– Greensea Systems, creator of EOD Workspace, the software and control solution for military EOD operations, has launched EOD Workspace Simulator. The new simulator, created in partnership with GRi Simulations, incorporates a physics engine based on actual subsea vehicle models which provides the realism needed to prepare operators, technicians, and other subject matter experts to be successful in critical real-world subsea environments when using EOD Workspace in the field. EOD Workspace Simulator will be offered for sale to military groups actively using EOD Workspace.

“Operators using the simulator are flying EOD Workspace and the system is working exactly like it would if they were flying a real ROV. It’s an amazing real life environment that allows more operators to train, in more locations and, since it can be done independently of vehicle availability, training can be done more often.  It all leads to better preparedness,” says Ben Kinnaman, Greensea CEO. “One of the hardest things about training on an ROV is the fact that the operator has zero situational awareness and has to learn how to understand and control the vehicle using only sonar and video visuals. With the simulator, new operators and trainers get an inwater view of what’s happening as the operator responds to sonar and video visuals. Operators get to practice in a low stress classroom environment, ensuring that these skills are solidified.”

Simulator environments can replicate actual CONOPS allowing users to practice and train on missions with EOD Workspace. Supervisors can specify starting coordinates as well as environmental conditions such as time of day, surface conditions, current, and turbidity. Shipping with 10 (ten) mine targets that are placed throughout the simulated scene, operators will develop proficiency reading sonar and detecting objects. Additional target types and scenes will be available on a subscription basis. Additional information can be found at:

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