Greensea Receives US NAVY Award, Quick Tip #5


Greensea Receives US NAVY Award to Advance Standoff Command and Control

Greensea’s open architecture technology on Remotely Operated Vehicles furthered by Small Business Innovation Research Phase II grant
Award furthers the development of Greensea’s long range standoff command and control system for ROVs
Robotics have been used in maritime mine countermeasures and explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) operations for years. While ROVs are becoming a vitally important part of the EOD Technician’s capabilities, they do not currently provide a safe standoff separation from threats and their operation is not scalable to a larger, or remote, operator base. This is where SAFE-C2 comes in. (SAFE-C2 is the commercial name of the product that will be borne out of the SBIR grant mentioned in the article above .) SAFE-C2 is agnostic to hardware and communication methods and supports current and future data transmission and ROV systems. SAFE-C2 is based on EOD Workspace, an operating platform specifically developed for ROVs used in EOD operations and built on OPENSEA, Greensea’s open architecture platform.

Not only does SAFE-C2 have military applications (keeping EOD techs out of harm’s way), it also has commercial applications, allowing the control of an ROV by an onshore specialist freeing up valuable ship space. Imagine a future of unmanned ships operating robots off shore that are supervised by operators comfortably seated in an office on shore. Technology advancements have made this possible and Greensea is working to make this future a reality.
Quick Tip #5 for Workspace
We’re back with another quick tip for Greensea’s ROV control software UI, Workspace. In   Quick Tip No. 3   we talked about how to create a simple mission. But manually creating a survey type mission can be tedious. This tip will show you how to quickly create a survey mission using the region tool.
Meet Maggie
Maggie Schreier has worked for Greensea for almost 6 years. She’s worn a LOT of different hats during her tenure but with Greensea’s head count growing nearly 250% since she was hired, she’s now concentrating on putting the human in Human Resources.

And we’re continuing to hire for both our Vermont and Plymouth, MA locations with several positions having the ability to work remotely. (Due to the pandemic, everyone who can work remotely is working from home). If you know someone looking for work, please share!
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