Greensea’s Cape Cod location in Plymouth, MA

Greensea’s Cape Cod location in Plymouth, MA
Just before the pandemic, Greensea leased office space in Plymouth, MA. After more than a year of sitting dormant, waiting for employees to sit or stand at their desks, the new office is coming to life.

Greensea opened the new location as a strategic move – allowing Greensea to have a physical presence in proximity to other marine-focused businesses and research facilities. Within commuting distance to Boston, Plymouth offers a high-energy technology scene and an ever-growing pool of talent, thanks to programs at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston University, and other top institutions.

Seven new employees have joined Greensea since early 2020, filling positions in engineering and technical writing. Since the office is right on the water (notice Plymouth Harbor out the office windows), it’s pretty easy to drop a vehicle into the water and start testing in a matter of minutes vs. the near hour it takes to get to Lake Champlain and find parking from the Richmond office. Other than the traffic over the Cape Cod Canal bridges, getting to places like Woods Hole is easy, too.

Here are a few pictures of the office and the sights around Plymouth, MA.
Upcoming Mixtape Sessions
July 28th
Mixtape Session #5: Introducing SafeC2.

Pete Kerson, Project Manager will be joined by project engineers, Greg Horton and Naomi Harrison to talk about SafeC2, allowing long range command & control of a subsea robot. 
August 19th
Mixtape Session #6: The Newest Advances in Hull Grooming and Inspection

After a full summer of testing, tweaking, and grooming, Karl Lander, Director of Hull Robotics will update us on the status of the Greensea Crawler and the latest product testing results.
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