Mixtape Session #1: An Open Architecture Framework for Next Gen ROVs

Main Presenter:

Originally Aired: March 24, 2021

In the very first Mixtape Session, Ben Kinnaman addressed a topic that he’s pretty familiar with, Open Architecture Frameworks for the Next Generation of ROVs. The Mixtape Sessions will take on different formats, this first one was done in an interview style. Ben was interviewed by Marybeth Gilliam and her questions covered Ben’s vast knowledge of the industry and how open architecture is the only real choice for future development in subsea robotics.

The future vision of ROVs is one of scale, efficiency, and capability, one with significant reach and critical to human’s presence in the ocean. Gone will be the current blockages within the industry. ROVs will not require dedicated ships, dedicated crews, or even dedicated pilots. The ROVs of the future will provide operators tremendous reach around the world and under the sea without the tethers, personnel, and infrastructures required today.


About the Presenter:

Ben Kinnaman is CEO and President of Greensea. Ben began his career as a diver and ROV pilot, he also has a Bachelor of Science in Physics from Davidson College and a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering, specializing in control and robotics, from Johns Hopkins University. Ben founded Greensea in 2006 to "build better subsea robots" and along the path to better, developed the open architecture software platform, OPENSEA®. OPENSEA, along with a corporate culture of open communication and collaboration, has allowed Greensea, with its partners, to quickly field novel technologies and advance operational capabilities throughout the subsea industry.

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