Mixtape Session #2: Hull Inspection Isn’t Taxing

Main Presenter:

Originally Aired: April 15, 2021

Good, Fast, or Cheap. Pick any two.

Anyone responsible for maintenance knows the refrain – “fast cheap work ain’t good…”  Nothing in the subsea world is “cheap”, but advancements in on-hull navigation for autonomous robots are working to bring down the cost of in-water work with no degradation of quality or efficiency. For certain applications, the technology that is enabling autonomy will allow for greater precision of inspection and cleaning tasks than is currently possible with either robots or divers. 

Karl Lander, Greensea’s Director of Hull Robotics, spoke on Greensea’s emerging on-hull navigation technologies and how they can positively impact in water maintenance, inspection, biofouling removal, port security, and more. 

About the Presenter:

Commander Karl Lander, USCG, retired, completed US Navy dive training in 1996 and served as a diver and engineer onboard the Coast Guard icebreakers POLAR SEA and POLAR STAR. Commander Lander went on to serve as Chief Engineer in USCGC MUNRO, and Executive Officer in USCGCs RELIANCE and HEALY as well as serving in critical positions overseeing ship maintenance and repair at Coast Guard Pacific Area and Coast Guard Headquarters. Following his retirement from the Coast Guard, Commander Lander joined Greensea in 2017 and currently serves as Director, Hull Robotics.

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