Testing Continues

The ships have gotten noticeably bigger.

The next stop on the Crawler Experience was Newport News, Virginia. Newport News may have been named after Captain Christopher Newport, commander of Susan Constant, which was the flagship of the three-ship English fleet that landed on Jamestown Island in 1607. He made several voyages to Newport News in the early days of the Jamestown Colony, bringing “good news” of supplies and settlers. Though this may not be how the city was named, it makes a great story.

Testing Under REAL Conditions

The stop in Newport News was to test the crawler on much larger ships and to experience different conditions. The test site in Newport News had strong currents that the crawler hadn’t experienced before as well as hulls that had more biofouling than other test conditions. This is what testing is all about and the reason we’ve brought the crawler out into the real world. Greensea engineers are intimately aware of how difficult subsea navigation and control can be when every hour brings new challenges and every port is different.

Next stop on the Crawler Experience tour is Port Canaveral, Florida.

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