Accurate Autonomous Hull Inspection and Grooming

New advancements in robotic technologies can reduce risk and cost

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The first viable hull inspection and cleaning alternative to in-water divers that is cost-effective and environmentally responsible. 

Greensea offers a new paradigm in ship hull husbandry to address upcoming regulations, propulsive fuel costs, and environmental concerns. Using a proprietary hull-relative navigation solution, Greensea’s robotic system provides extremely accurate autonomous hull inspection and grooming. The man-portable robotic crawler is economical and designed to support the concept of operations specific to ship husbandry. 

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Learn more about how the Greensea hull inspection and grooming solution can lower-risks, lower-costs, and improve our environment.

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Now accepting applicants in Hull Grooming Prototype Program. Join Greensea’s early adopter program and help further define the requirements for this ground-breaking technology.

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