Crawler Testing Ends in Texas

The Crawler Experience has moved to Texas where the trip is beginning to wind down. The time in Texas was spent meeting with people who have a real interest learning more about the Greensea Crawler as a viable solution to hull grooming and hull inspection.

But it wasn’t all work for the Crawler, affectionately nicknamed, Clyde. Clyde got to spend his last few hours poolside before being crated back up and shipped north.

And by poolside, we really meant side of the pool.

The beauty of the Greensea Crawler is that it does not use magnetics to attach to a surface, which means that it can be used on non-metallic surfaces such as a dam, wall, or any submerged infrastructure. And the surface doesn’t need to be perfectly flat. Below is Clyde at the waterline of a curved pool and Clyde hanging out on the pool bottom.

After the holiday, Karl will turn the rig north and head back the 2,000 miles to Vermont and The Crawler Experience will come to a close. 4,000 miles and lots of test time, Clyde has earned a well deserved break.

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