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    Greensea in Action

    Put Greensea’s technology to work for you.

Better Operations in All Industries

Greensea's software provides users across all industries the world's most advanced vehicle automation, control, and navigation. Using OPENSEA™, a patent-pending technology, Greensea offers a proven, scaleable solution with native support for thousands of vehicle devices.  



Offshore oil and gas operations are at the center of commercial ROV use. Balefire's automation lets pilots take on a more supervisory role with the vehicle. Construction and maintenance tasks, like surveys, pipeline inspection, and drill support, are a breeze when the ROV's movements are input to the workspace rather than manually performed with a controller. And Balefire is now available as a turnkey enhancement for any size vehicle, optimizing the largest work class ROVs, the smallest inspection class systems and everything in between.



At Greensea we are proud to work with the United States Military. Jobs like mine countermeasures, unexploded ordnance cleanup, and port and harbor security are as dangerous as they are important, and our advanced technology makes the work safer and more efficient. The proof? In 2014 we shipped 50 control systems to support an ROV order from Navy Explosive Ordnance. Several of our employees have security clearances and know just what it takes to power your military operations forward.



The ROV's ability to gather stunning photos, video, and data in subsea habitats makes them key players in the scientific community. Greensea appreciates the importance of underwater exploration and we work hard to support them with the best, most reliable technology in the industry.  Greensea developed the telemetry system for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's 6,000-meter-rated vehicle, Deep Discoverer, and we feel privileged to count the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, the Canadian Scientific Submersible Facility, and Schmidt Ocean Institute amongst our customers.