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Electronic Briefing: 12-November-2020

Unfiltered – A Blog by Ben Kinnaman

We’re proud to announce that Ben Kinnaman, Greensea’s CEO, is now writing his own blog titled Unfiltered – from the CEO. He has two issues under his belt so far and plans on writing weekly (or close to weekly…you know how it goes with busy CEO’s). Unfiltered is just that – it’s a blog straight from Ben. He is writing his thoughts about what comes to his mind and isn’t likely to hold back.  He’ll share his thoughts on being a business owner and entrepreneur and will talk about the marine industry and what technology the future holds. 

Listening to Ben speak is always great fun. He’s a fantastic storyteller with a diverse background from which he can draw. Here’s a sample from Unfiltered #2 – Sustainment:

“When I work with people interested in entrepreneurship and starting a technology company, I always try to understand the root and depth of their passion and drive.  It is easy to think of the ‘start’ as a one time event but what most early-stage entrepreneurs don’t realize is there are continuous starts throughout the growth of a successful business. In fact, with every evolution of the business, there is a new start…” 
We hope you read and enjoy Unfiltered.

Quick Tip for Workspace #3

Our first two Quick Tips focused on quickly changing views within Workspace and setting the auto-pilots to assist with piloting the ROV. Quick Tip #3 has been posted and it’s all about setting, then controlling your vehicle with waypoints. Mastering waypoints and missions allows operators to pass off more autonomy to the ROV, freeing up the operator to focus on tasks other than flying the ROV.

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