Quality Team Lead

  • This job was posted on: 19 May 2020
  • Available Locations: Richmond VT

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Quality Team Lead Greensea is the creator of OPENSEA, an open architecture software framework, and is a world leader in navigation and autonomy technology for marine robotics. We develop software and hardware that revolutionizes the working relationship between people and machines both on and under the sea. We are known for innovative and powerful technology designed for in-the-field success—and for the can-do attitude, hands-on approach, and proven ability to get the job done of the people behind it.

Greensea develops a number of products, both hardware and software, for military and commercial end users in the marine industry and currently seeks a Quality Team Lead to join our team.

Job Description

The Quality Team Lead will work with multiple stakeholders to ensure hardware and software products are developed and delivered with the highest quality possible, conform to Greensea’s quality standards, and meet customer requirements. The Quality Team Lead will also work to lead a culture of quality throughout the organization by developing, implementing, and maintaining action-oriented processes that ensure a quality end product is the goal of every endeavor. The successful candidate will own the quality process at Greensea and work hard to serve our customers by helping all our team members produce a quality end deliverable, whether a prototype, product, or service.

The Quality Team Lead will be responsible for designing, maintaining, and implementing the total quality management system at Greensea consisting of the Quality Assurance and Quality Control processes as well as the software release process. The ideal candidate will be agile, collaborative, and focused, with an extremely deep technical understanding of Greensea’s software product and will be wholly committed to delivering a quality product. The QA Team Lead will rely on process, but will be action oriented and practical, always measuring success by customer satisfaction. They will be responsible for designing and maintaining systems of work and managing documentation that assures the highest quality of all our builds.

The Quality Team Lead will be a critical member of Greensea’s team in the product development and delivery process. This person will work closely with the engineering and production staff making sure products are developed through processes that ensure quality and that products are thoroughly tested for conformance to requirements prior to delivery. They will also work with the Program Management team and Systems Engineer at Greensea to develop test plans for new products. This position will also be responsible for the ownership of the software release lifecycle, including verification, testing, quality control testing, documentation, release, and release documentation.

The Quality Team Lead will lead a small team of Quality Control Technicians and Software Testing Engineers. The successful candidate will be a self-starter, highly motivated, and capable of working independently. This position reports to the Production Manager.


  • Participate as a critical member of the production team to ensure Greensea produces and delivers the highest quality products possible.
  • Develop, implement, and maintain Quality Assurance processes and documentation within the company to ensure Greensea’s software and hardware products adhere to the quality standards of the organization.
  • Work closely with the engineering staff during requirements specification to develop and document test and verification procedures for Quality Control.
  • Produce test documentation for all Quality Control testing.
  • Oversee and maintain a system that supports a highly organized method of documentation management covering all work produced.
  • Implement and support a comprehensive method for issue tracking and subsequent improvements on the hardware level.
  • Supervise the RMA process while ensuring suggested improvements to processes and products are documented and reviewed by management.
  • Work closely with Program Managers to guarantee deliverables meet customer requirements fully.
  • Participate in field testing exercises to learn about Greensea’s products and help administer Quality Control testing.
  • Conduct complex testing on highly technical products to guarantee compliance to requirements and customer satisfaction.
  • Actively advise the software and hardware engineering groups as procedures need to be modified or adopted to adhere to Quality Assurance processes and ensure the highest quality deliverables are produced.
  • Design, specify, and maintain automated software quality control and testing tools.
  • Implement a software release process conforming to the company Quality Assurance process.
  • Maintain the company software release process and associated release documentation.
  • Maintain Quality Assurance metrics to evaluate the annual price of non-conformance.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in engineering, computer science, or related technical field.
  • 5+ years of experience in a relevant technical position.
  • Excellent oral and written communication with the ability to interact effectively with a range of stakeholders from management to technical staff.
  • Excel at the maintenance of precise and complete records.
  • Proficient with modern desktop software systems. Familiarity with Linux a plus.
  • Familiar with modern software development processes and concepts including continuous integration and agile management.
  • Proficient with basic system administration, desktop software tools, and online collaboration tools.
  • Experience with continuous integration processes and tools, Jenkins preferred.
  • Exceptional organizational skills.

Greensea Systems, Inc.

10 East Main Street :: PO Box 959 :: Richmond, VT 05477 :: USA
802.434.6080 :: info@greensea.com

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