Move The Ball

What is MTFB?

That question can’t be answered without first answering the question of Who is Greensea? And that’s not the easiest question to answer. A quick answer is that Greensea is a small company that over the past decade and a half has developed an open architecture framework upon which marine robotics can be built. But that doesn’t come close to who Greensea is and what Greensea can do and has done. The deeper answer of Who is Greensea?, draws on CEO Ben Kinnaman’s core belief that a company should be built upon open, honest communication and collaboration between both team members and customers. It is a belief that is built upon each player (employee and customer) rolling up their sleeves, working together, trusting each other, and solving problems. It’s this commitment to getting things done that MTFB was born.

In late 2018, Ben was holed up in an international hotel on travel watching a rugby match on TV, that Ben thought “Look at them move the f-cking ball. What team work. What singular focus.” In an epiphany, Ben realized that was what Greensea was (or should be) that rugby team– a group of people with a singular focus, working towards one common goal to “Move the F-cking Ball”. Sometimes the ball moves forward, sometimes it moves backward, sometimes the play doesn’t take the planned route but the group has a focus and that is the end goal.  The result is a more agile, more direct, way of achieving success that relies on everyone being empowered to score for the team.  Unscripted, adaptive, focused.

Why would a robotics company align itself with a game of rugby? That has a lot to do with the similarities between environments– the dirty, gritty rugby pitch and the risky, unpleasant conditions offshore. Neither environment is for the faint of heart. Being offshore requires taking on the risk of loss both physically and financially. This assumption of risk requires that everyone involved is totally honest about their abilities and the potential outcomes. It requires open communication and collaboration. It requires trust between all parties and players. It requires 110% effort.

OPENSEA makes MTFB possible.

Since Greensea started in 2006, we’ve moved the ball on an impressive number of projects and new technologies. (Follow our journey here.) These projects (commercial, military, and developmentals) range from the deepest ocean depths to aerial drones and everything in between. This diversity is attainable because of OPENSEA, the open architecture framework upon which Greensea projects are built. OPENSEA makes MTFB possible. Through open architecture, collaboration, and an agile development cycle, Greensea is able to fast track development cycles for both in-house R&D projects and OEMs integrating with OPENSEA while ensuring maturity and robustness.

After adopting MTFB as a company mantra, Greensea has seen record growth in both the diversity of projects (long range command & control, hull inspection & grooming, experiments with aerial drones) and company growth (gross sales and employee headcount).  Greensea is also better serving the operators that use our technology because we are focused on the goal and enpowered to drive through blockages to ensure success.  The culture of moving the ball and getting things done has allowed Greensea to expand its field of play. MTFB allows a small company like Greensea to be both the “regular guy” AND the “super hero”. The MTFB culture combined with the OPENSEA platform allows for transformative change and advancement. 

The question is “Do you want to move the f-cking ball?”

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