New Products. New Partners. New Employees.

New Products. New Partners. New Employees.
This summer has been a busy one for Greensea.

Firstly, we’ve launched a few new products, one is EOD Workspace Simulator (pictured above). To quote Ben, “this is just insane”. OK, that’s not a verbatim quote but it’s pretty close. The EOD Workspace Simulator, created in partnership with GRi Simulations, is a true to life training tool for EOD Workspace. The simulated environment perfectly emulates what it feels like to fly an ROV. The operator in training has an EOD Workspace environment running on a pretty powerful gaming computer, while the trainer has the simulation environment running on a second computer. Through training using the simulator, operators can become proficient in reading sonar, interacting with the ROV under adverse conditions, and can prepare for missions without going offshore or having to put an ROV in the water. Our recent Mixtape Session #6, was all about the EOD Workspace Simulator and includes a demo of the simulator with Ben acting as the trainer and Karnveer acting as the operator. Click to view MXTP-6: Introduction to EOD Workspace Simulator.

Secondly, we formed some new partnerships. In addition to the collaboration with GRi mentioned above, Greensea also entered into a contract with Ocean Power Technologies out of Monroe Township, New Jersey. This is an exciting project for us because it gets to the core of what working with Greensea is about, an open business relationship where we work collaboratively with multiple partners to develop their differentiating technologies using the proven and stable platform of OPENSEA. This project also brings in Austin, TX based Fathom5 as OPT’s other software partner. Read the press release.

Lastly, we’ve hired 7 new employees since Memorial Day which has kept Maggie, our HR Supervisor, completely submerged in paperwork. The filled positions run the gamut from office coordinator to program managers. You’ll hear more about the new members of the team over the next few months. We’ve also just posted several new positions on our career page so if you know of someone looking for work in the Richmond, Vermont or Plymouth, Massachusetts areas, please ask them to check out our career page at

Upcoming Mixtape Sessions
September 29th
Mixtape Session #7: The Newest Advances in Hull Grooming and Inspection

After a full summer of testing, tweaking, and grooming, Karl Lander, Director of Hull Robotics will update us on the status of the Greensea Crawler and the latest product testing results.
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