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Reduce Risk and Advance Technology Faster by Starting with a Robust Platform

The OPENSEA platform extends OPENSEA to developers and innovators within the marine industry to add value to their business.  By leveraging OPENSEA, developers can reduce development costs and reduce technical risks by building their differentiating technologies and products on top of OPENSEA’s core vehicle framework.  OPENSEA provides a low-level vehicle platform and enabling software architecture to realize immediate out-of-the-box functionality. Innovators should be moving the industry forward, not reinventing the wheel.

Because OPENSEA is an open architecture, development partners use OPENSEA as system building blocks and a foundation upon which to base their development.  The distributed framework of OPENSEA allows containment of IP such that partners can clearly isolate and protect their developments. The OPENSEA Software Development Kit (SDK) provides all the tools developers need to implement and adopt OPENSEA within their own systems.

Adopting OPENSEA and an open architecture framework is the most value-added thing a manufacturer can do for a product line. This leverages the experience of thousands of hours at sea and hundreds of systems. Most importantly, it is the most advanced technology platform in the marine industry for robotics. We want to drive manufacturers to add value to their products by adopting us.

Top reasons manufacturers choose Greensea as a partner when developing marine vehicles.

Differentiate faster

OPENSEA is designed to fulfill the software needs that are common across the industry. Getting these aspects of their systems out of the way gives our strategic partners a head start so they can focus their efforts on the things that really differentiate them rather than reinventing the wheel.

Minimize risk

OPENSEA is deployed on over 2,500 systems throughout the marine industry–manned, unmanned, surface, and subsea. Our strategic partners leverage all of the maturity and robustness of this widely-used, widely-trusted system to avoid the risks associated with building an entirely new system from the ground up.

Add Value

From disrupting the subsea services industry to delivering the world’s first truly field-modifiable ROV, our partners are imagining new ways of doing work on or under the sea. With OPENSEA as a reliable, stable foundation, our strategic partners are able to develop truly novel and groundbreaking technologies.

Work with the best

Our team includes robotics engineers, electrical engineers, systems engineers, and software engineers–all trained to offer holistic solutions to some of the industry’s toughest problems. Greensea is known for our collaboration. Because in the end, we never lose sight of one thing: the success of our partners.

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