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We started the Mixtape Sessions in March of 2021. It feels simultaneously like no time and decades have passed. The goal of the Mixtapes Sessions was to connect with people in a year when we couldn’t go to tradeshows. Our first mixtape talked about opening up our Software Development Kit, or SDK. A year in, we want these videos to get to a wider audience with as few barriers as possible.

Any new events will require registration so that you can get access to the live event. After the first month, we’ll open up On-Demand to everyone on our YouTube channel. So that means, as of today, our entire Mixtape Session catalogue is up and ready to view now.

You can look through the entire playlist here.

The Whole Playlist

Mixtape Session #1: An Open Architecture Framework for Next Gen ROVs

Originally Aired: March 24, 2021

In our first Mixtape Session, Ben Kinnaman talked about Open Architecture and how it is the only real choice for future development in subsea robotics.

Mixtape Session #2: Hull Inspection Isn’t Taxing

Originally Aired: April 15, 2021

Karl Lander, Greensea’s former Director of Hull Robotics, who has since moved to Armach, spoke about on-hull navigation technologies. He lays out how hull grooming can positively impact in water maintenance, including inspection, biofouling removal, port security, and more.

Mixtape Session #3: OPENSEA Integration with Heath & Karnveer

Originally Aired: May 27, 2021

Heath and Karnveer demonstrate how to set up a new device using OPENSEA.

Mixtape Session #4: A Discussion of VALOR with Seatronics

Originally Aired: June 9, 2021

Marybeth Gilliam hosted a deep discussion with Seatronics Group Managing Director, Derek Donaldson about the valiant people in our industry and Seatronics Versatile and Lightweight Observation ROV, otherwise known as VALOR.

Mixtape Session #5: Introducing SafeC2

Originally Aired: July 28, 2021

Pete Kerson, Program Manager for SafeC2, introduces Greensea’s long range command and control system, SafeC2™. This session included a live demo of SafeC2.

Mixtape Session #6: Simulator for EOD Workspace

Originally Aired: August 19, 2021

Greensea and GRi Simulations have created a training simulator for EOD Workspace. This allows technicians to train without putting an ROV in the water.

Mixtape Session #7: The Newest Advances in Hull Grooming and Inspection

Originally Aired: September 29, 2021

Karl Lander will discusses deployment and operation of Greensea’s hull crawler along with results of recent testing. Following the presentation, Karl will be available to field questions.

Mixtape Session #8: 2021 Greatest Hits

Originally Aired: December 8, 2021

What would a mix tape be without a collection of Greatest Hits?

The final Mixtape Session of 2021 is a compilation of Mixtapes 1-7. We share highlights for all previous sessions and go behind the scenes into the creation of the Mixtape Sessions.

Mixtape Session #9: EOD Workspace 6.2

Originally Aired: March 23, 2022

Pete Kerson, Program Manager for EOD Technologies will introduce you to the latest release of EOD Workspace. EOD Workspace represents a massive shift in usability for EOD Operators, and the advances made here will help to guide further advances for Greensea’s underwater robotic control systems. He will walk you through the quality of life improvements that will help make operating a vehicle a more intuitive experience. Joining Pete will be UX Engineer, Zack Forsythe, who will explain Greensea’s operator centric approach to user interface design and decisions that led to this latest version of Workspace.

Mixtape Session #10: Meet the FAST Team

Originally Aired: April 27, 2022

This Mixtape introduced the FAST Team, Greensea’s rapid response support team. They work on a broad range of customers to help solve integration problems and moving the ball on projects. Regina Yopak, the FAST Team lead, and her team were on hand to talk about their experiences in the field.

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