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Open Architecture for Developers and Innovators

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OPEN Software and Equipment Architecture (OPENSEA)

A comprehensive software platform for developing robotic systems.

OPENSEA represents over a decade of development and is installed in over 2000 vehicles worldwide. Greensea uses OPENSEA to provide the marine industry with advanced solutions for underwater navigation, vehicle control, supervised autonomy, and human-machine interfaces.

Designed for Advancement

The open architecture of OPENSEA allows easy and cost-effective integration of new vehicles, equipment, and devices. Its distributed and library-based architecture confines new software to small, easily managed, independent applications that are separate from mature, robust software. Together, these features enable the marine industry to quickly stand-up commercial-grade robotic systems and transition their focus to higher-level technologies providing differentiation and advancement.

In cooperation with commercial manufacturers, developers, and vendors, OPENSEA continues to grow more capable and exponentially stronger every day. System builders benefit from thousands of hours of test time and an active development effort. By choosing OPENSEA for their core architecture, engineers are free to focus on their key areas of interest and expertise.  

Everything Required for a Robotic System

The OPENSEA architecture is designed to encapsulate the core of an unmanned system. The scope of the OPENSEA library includes interfaces and utilities essential to the robotics and unmanned systems community. Deriving from the OPENSEA library, the OPENSEA application suite provides hundreds of distributed independent applications that work together as building blocks for a complete system. These applications communicate with each other through the OPENSEA network and provide discrete capabilities required to integrate a system that is scalable, flexible, and severable.

Greensea’s OPENSEA as a Platform business is designed to empower developers and innovators by leveraging the power of OPENSEA to reduce cost, reduce risk, and accelerate technology insertion within the industry. We price OPENSEA as a Platform programs based on the required license of OPENSEA and the support required from Greensea. Our goal is to drive to a standard product description from Greensea that the developer can then license as needed to field their final products.

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Developing with OPENSEA

A typical OPENSEA as a Platform engagement between a development partner and Greensea consists of four phases with the ultimate goal being a stable and mature product.

Phase 0: Requirements

Working together to scope out how OPENSEA can be of most value in the development. This effort culminates in a technical path forward.

Phase 1: TRL6

Initial development focuses on establishing a basic, robust operational system or minimum viable product.

Phase 2: TRL8

Further development of the product continues through addition of features and applications. Changes to the feature set are accompanied by testing and a continuous development cycle supporting product refinement.

Phase 3: TRL9

Phase 3 yields a commercial product, ready for wide distribution. The final system is fully documented and training materials are developed for operator and depot-level support.

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