Open Architecture Solution Allowed Manufacturer to Accelerate their Break Out Technology

Houston Mechatronics Inc. (HMI) selected OPENSEA as the development platform for their revolutionary product, Aquanaut. HMI was able to leverage Greensea’s experience in subsea navigation and vehicle control while focusing their development efforts on their core competencies – robotics, manipulation, and autonomy.

OPENSEA Platform for autonomous surf-zone crawler

C-2 Innovations (C-2i) chose Greensea when they were developing a family of amphibious and autonomous systems that operate in surf, rivers, and marshes. Greensea provided navigation, control, autonomy, and vehicle specific user interface built on OPENSEA®. OPENSEA is Greensea’s commercially available, open architecture platform for marine robotics that is currently in use around the world […]

EOD Workspace Makes Difficult Work Easier

A more capable robotic team member supports maritime threat mitigation for EOD. Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) teams can now conduct their jobs without having to become ROV pilots, by leaving the piloting to the ROV.  With supervised autonomy, operators have a higher level language for communicating commands to their smart robotic partner and can now focus […]

Custom Engineering Leads to Discoveries

OPENSEA® platform can be found at all ocean depths from the surface and littoral environment down to the deepest ocean depths. Greensea has created custom engineering solutions for navigation, control, and sensor integration within the scientific subsea community since 2006, working with scientists, explorers, and researchers around the globe. Examples of Greensea’s Custom Engineering Vulcan […]

Development Time is Drastically Shortened for Subsea Robotics

Greensea was faced with a challenge – take an existing product and add total autonomy in less than 1 month. Since Greensea’s motto is Do More, our engineers were up to the challenge. The starting point was the STIDD Diver Propulsion Device (DPD) which has as its “brain” an RNAV2. RNAV2 stands for Recon-Navigation System […]

Greensea and Kraken Form Partnership

Latest Advancement is New SeaVision 3D RGB Scanner Integration with GS Crawler Kraken recently announced a partnership with Greensea. This partnership will expand upon the collaborative efforts already undertaken between the two companies to rapidly advance the capabilities of marine robotics. Under the agreement, Greensea will support development, integration, and testing work with Kraken across […]

Greensea software is standard on VideoRay Mission Specialist Series ROVs

VideoRay’s Mission Specialist Series vehicles utilize Greensea’s navigation, control, autonomy, and user interface technologies. Together, Greensea’s software and VideoRay’s vehicles create highly advanced and user-friendly systems that make ROV operations easier, safer, more affordable, and more efficient. The World’s Most Advanced Control & Autonomy Greensea’s easy-to-use, advanced vehicle control system for the marine industry provides […]

Greensea’s New Ship Hull Crawler Technology Launches with VideoRay Defender ROV

The Greensea Crawler is a stand alone crawler that easily attaches a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) to a ship hull without magnetics and allows the operator to “drive” the ROV and payloads over the hull. Initial hull crawlers are designed to work exclusively with the VideoRay Mission Specialist Defender ROV. Read more about the Greensea […]

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