Development Time is Drastically Shortened for Subsea Robotics

Greensea was faced with a challenge – take an existing product and add total autonomy in less than 1 month. Since Greensea’s motto is Do More, our engineers were up to the challenge.

STIDD Diver Propulsion Device

The starting point was the STIDD Diver Propulsion Device (DPD) which has as its “brain” an RNAV2. RNAV2 stands for Recon-Navigation System (2nd generation) and is created in partnership between STIDD and Greensea to provide advanced navigation capabilities to the Special Operations Forces (SOF) combat swimmer. The RNAV2 is powered by our patent-pending OPENSEA® operating platform, which enables RNAV2’s open architecture and seamlessly integrates sonar, control, and communication into an intuitive, easy to use system. 

Add Autonomy

When STIDD and Greensea overheard our mutual SOF users mention that having the DPD function without a diver, perhaps being sent out to rescue a diver or pick up a team at a rendezvous point, it would be “a game changer”, the challenge became “How can we get that done?” The challenge increased when we realized the prime opportunity to demonstrate the capability was less than three weeks away.  And off to work went our engineers to accomplish this task – make the DPD fully autonomous as quickly as possible.

18 days

OPENSEA is a modular and scalable platform consisting of common libraries that have been in use for more than 10 years on 1,000+ vehicles at sea. Because of this, the development process never starts from scratch but draws upon the functionality already built for other vehicles or systems. Taking full advantage of OPENSEA’s modular nature, Greensea engineers were able to add the additional functionality needed to turn the DPD into an autonomous vehicle by adding to the core libraries. We then integrated an RF transceiver into the DPD & RNAV2, enabling the system to be commanded remotely and set out on diver-less missions. From start to finish, autonomy was added to the STIDD DPD in 18 days.

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