EOD Workspace Makes Difficult Work Easier

A more capable robotic team member supports maritime threat mitigation for EOD.

Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) teams can now conduct their jobs without having to become ROV pilots, by leaving the piloting to the ROV.  With supervised autonomy, operators can now focus on doing their real job – finding and neutralizing EODs. Integrated inertial navigation, vehicle control, automated tasks, payload integration, and target-relative positioning combine behind an intuitive Workspace to provide a new concept in surveying and disrupting underwater threats.

Screen shot of EOD Workspace 6+

EOD Workspace v.6+

The latest version of EOD Workspace has an undated user interface that was developed after extensive user interviews and in-field studies.

Upgrades include:

  • ArcGIS
  • Touchscreen capability
  • Improved UI/UX based on operator feedback
Extensive interviews and in field study contributed to the development of EOD Workspace v.6

EOD Workspace – Strategy

Open Architecture operating environment for EOD Technicians using marine robotics

  • OPENSEA, open architecture software
  • Vehicle and hardware agnostic
  • Robust framework for new technology insertion
  • Open platform for multi-asset coordination

Comprehensive ROV navigation and control solution

  • Native and integrated software, not “add-on”
  • Payload and platform integration
  • Control, navigation, and operator interface

Key Features

Supervised autonomy and autonomous control

  • Aids pilot operation and performance
  • Automated EOD tasks aiding search, inspection, relocation, intervention, and acquisition

Integrated navigation and control

  • Multi-mode Inertial Navigation System
  • Vehicle control, stabilization, and motion planning

Extendable through open interface with apps

  • Vehicle support apps
  • Collaboration apps
  • Payload, navigation, command & control apps

Program Support

New technology development and integration

  • Supported by active R&D efforts
  • Continuous integration based on field feedback
  • Quarterly software releases and updates

Direct training and support

  • Annual software support programs
  • Digital online Knowledge Base for technicians
  • Train-the-trainer programs
  • EOD Technician training and feedback programs

Platform and Input Agnostic

Additional EOD Resources

SafeC2 – Greensea’s long range command and control of any ocean robotic platform built on OPENSEA.

Learn more about SafeC2.

EOD Workspace Simulator – Training environment that replicates EOD CONOPS in a classroom setting.

Learn more about EOD WS Simulator.

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