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All Greensea products are built on the flexible, scalable OPENSEA platform to provide exceptional results today and architectural support for tomorrow’s innovations.

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EOD Workspace

A more capable robotic team member supports maritime threat mitigation for EOD.

Integrated inertial navigation, vehicle control, automated tasks, payload integration, and target-relative positioning combine in the intuitive EOD Workspace to provide a new concept in surveying and disrupting underwater threats.

Multi-mode vehicle control allows EOD Technicians to pass as much or as little responsibility onto the vehicle as the operation requires. Click-and-go, drag-and-follow, and point-of-interest orbiting make the ROV a more useful tool than ever before.

  • Perform under varying and extreme conditions
  • Search & survey areas of critical infrastructure to secure facilities
  • Easily identify, reacquire, and neutralize threats
  • Conduct forensic and salvage operations

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Greensea Crawler on VideoRay MSS Defender

Hull Robotics Program

Greensea is developing a crawler that with the intended use being hull inspection for maintenance and EOD applications, hull-relative navigation, and autonomous hull grooming. Initially this crawler will integrate with the Videoray MSS Defender ROV, opening up a new realm of capabilities for the ROV. With low pressure suction adhesion and rubber tracks, a Greensea Crawler equipped ROV can safely transit ship hulls, tank walls or other hard surfaces to perform inspection and intervention tasks. By retaining both free flying and crawling capabilities, as well as a non-magnetic method of attachment, this technology offers greater flexibility of application being able to be used on aluminum vessels, concrete walls or polycarbonate tanks as well as being able to quickly transit between areas of interest. Greensea’s proven control technology enables the operator to fly the vehicle into position, and once in position attach to the hull within a matter of seconds.

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RNAV2 Diver Navigation & Autonomy

An integrated SOF system that supports complex tasks in hostile conditions.

With the RNAV2, combat divers can offload navigation and vehicle operation to the supervised autonomy of STIDD Diver Propulsion Device (DPD), providing a safer and more productive mobility system. Add the OM2 (optionally manned) accessory to allow unmanned transit to or from predetermined locations for INFIL/EXFIL.

Missions can be pre-planned and updated on the fly. Thumb knobs and finger triggers are used to control the vehicle and operate the interface. The diver’s hands never have to leave the handgrips to monitor progress to a destination, system status, alarms, or even reroute the vehicle.


Add a fully-integrated acoustic communications system to the RNAV2 to text message team members during operations. Divers can send encrypted messages, share data, or direct team members to waypoints. Use pre-programmed or customized messages to communicate mission-critical status updates.

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INSpect GS Navigation

Modifiable commercial inertial navigation systems optimized for specific applications.

The INSpect GS Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) can be modified to optimize performance for diverse, complex operational scenarios where there are size, weight, power, and cost (SWaP-C) constraints. A product of over a decade of development and testing, the INSpect GS line features Greensea’s proprietary Kalman estimation algorithms, which fuse data from available navigation aiding sensors and filter out noise and outliers to deliver stable and accurate navigation estimates. Meanwhile, Greensea’s patent-pending autonomous heading alignment algorithms ensure the best navigation performance for any operational scenario.

The INSpect GS INS products are based on Greensea’s universal software framework for marine robotics, OPENSEA, which allows them to support a wide variety of aiding sensors used in the marine industry (e.g. IMU, AHRS, USBL, sonar, DVL, GPS, altimeter, pressure). They are an excellent choice for applications requiring accurate, low-cost, performance navigation to enable vehicle control, station keeping, platform stabilization, and sensor fusion.

Value-Driven OEM INS Software

The INSpect GS1 delivers Greensea’s core navigation engine as an OEM solution. This gives the manufacturer full control over which aiding sensors will be integrated, allowing for the ideal configuration based on the task. The GS1 can be delivered in firmware, a topside solution, or a small subsea bottle, allowing for significantly more flexibility for SWaP-C constraints and more complete integration with the entire vehicle system than a COTS INS can deliver. The GS1 is a fully-incorporated part of a unified, optimized robotic system.

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Flexible, Scalable COTS or MOTS Options

The GS3 and GS4 are integrated aided inertial navigation systems that use the GS1 INS engine along with a defined set of internal sensors, with wide support for most aiding sensor configurations common in the subsea industry. Similar to the GS1, they can be custom configured for optimal performance for specific navigation and localization applications where performance and accuracy are required.

GS3: Inspection class and light work class ROVs are being asked to do more than ever before. This small, low-cost inertial navigation system (INS) is designed to provide accurate navigation necessary for today’s complicated tasks. With a depth sensor, MEMS inertial measurement unit, and magnetic digital compass, the INSpect GS3 provides a solid navigation solution to support advanced vehicle control features such as station keeping and waypoint following.

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Flexible, Scalable COTS or MOTS Options

The GS3 and GS4 are integrated aided inertial navigation systems that use the GS1 INS engine along with a defined set of internal sensors, with wide support for most aiding sensor configurations common in the subsea industry. Similar to the GS1, they can be custom configured for optimal performance for specific navigation and localization applications where performance and accuracy are required.

GS4: The INSpect GS4 FOG INS is an easy-to-install, fully-integrated system that provides a robust and accurate navigation and attitude solution. The GS4 features a triaxial fiber-optic gyro (FOG) with an integrated MEMS accelerometer pack, and supports feature-based localization using a forward-looking sonar. Based on the OPENSEA software framework, the INSpect GS4 comes preconfigured to use multiple aiding sensors, like DVL, USBL, LBL, GPS, turns counter, odometer, altimeter, and alternate orientation sensors. The embedded Extended Kalman Filter engine fuses the data from all available aiding sensors with the high-rate inertial core to produce an accurate and stable navigation solution. Like the GS1 and the GS3, the GS4 can be customized for specific applications.

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OPENSEA Software Development Kit

Easily transform current technology investments into integrated systems by addressing technical gaps in critical vehicle processes.

The OPENSEA SDK includes everything a developer needs to develop, configure, or expand on their Greensea system. Tutorials and documentation provide “how to” information for implementing system changes, developing new features, or innovating new technologies on an open, robust architecture. Included in the SDK are the OPENSEA library and OPENSEA applications, documentation, and hardware. 

ROV Control Systems

Modifiable ROV control systems deliver highly-stable, fully-integrated systems for work-class and inspection-class vehicles.

From controlling complex deep ocean work-class ROVs to providing precise navigation and stability for miniature ROVs used in explosive ordnance disposal, Greensea’s integrated control systems are designed for work. By leveraging the proven, modular, OPENSEA platform, Greensea’s ROV systems can be designed and deployed quickly and robustly. Control packages are available at basic and professional levels.

  • Lift heavy objects while maintaining perfect trim
  • Maintain stable high-degree pitch control
  • Automate a perfect 360 degree point-of-orbit
  • Manipulate missions with real-time dynamic waypoint control
  • Fuse navigation sensor data to optimize a multi-state position
  • Point-and-click to engage target tracking and sonar-relative control

Typical integrations can be completed in less than 8 weeks, enabling customers to focus on their areas of differentiation, not reinventing the wheel. The Greensea system provides a rock-solid stage for customers to deliver their own innovations and unique value propositions.

Our success is driven by hands-on experience, working directly with our customers to create requirements-driven systems that meet their objectives. An established integration path from Phase 0 (requirements) to Phase 3 (commercial product), ensures an efficient, cost-effective process. Check out OPENSEA as a Platform to learn more.

Control System
Auto HeadingXX
Auto PitchXX
Auto RollXX
Auto AltitudeX
Dynamic PositioningX
Dynamic Waypoint FollowingX
Point of Interest OrbitingX
Sonar Relative PositioningX
Chart PlotterX
Mission PlanningX
Vehicle DiagnosticsXX
Alarm ManagerXX
Data Logging
Signal MapperXX
Convert to CSVX
Mission FileX
Vehicle Control PackageXX
Camera, Lights, Pan & TiltXX


Intuitive mission planning interface for complex robotic systems.

Greensea’s Human-Machine interface, Workspace, fuses vehicle control, navigation, payload sensors, diagnostics, and data management into a single screen. For many operators, this means the elimination of screens, computers, and third-party navigation packages. The centralized data framework allows visualization, logging, archival, and playback of all vehicle and payload data, including sonar and video.

All Greensea interfaces are fully distributed, networked systems capable of supporting multiple users, even in different locations. Team members can share vehicle and target data in real-time between local workstations, a field office, or remote command stations. Highly configurable and scalable, this powerful work environment makes data more accessible to the operational team and delivers higher quality data with every mission.

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