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    Personalized Systems and Support

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Different vehicles have different requirements. We understand this because we've approached the challenge of underwater navigation from the deck-plate. We come from military backgrounds and commercial backgrounds. We are operators. Having years of offshore experience means we know how to handle unique system requirements.

Industry Leaders Using Greensea Technology
Many of the world’s foremost service providers and manufacturers are changing the paradigm of ROV operations with Balefire.  They tell us that they choose us for our innovative technology but like doing business with us because of our customer approach.  Dan Shropshire, Sr. Program Manager, Teledyne Marine Systems, explained, "Greensea is easy to work with and very flexible to our requests."


See some of our customers.

Canadian Scientific Submersible Facility (CSSF)



“ROPOS is known as the world’s most capable scientific submersible for its capabilities, versatility, efficiency, and the skill and professionalism of its operators.” — CSSF

Part of Greensea's Solution:

  • Commit a dedicated manager to the project.
  • Develop Design Requirements Specifications, Interface Control Documents, and User Interface screen.
  • Design electrical, mechanical, and software.
  • Construct, assemble, and wire sub-systems.
  • Support with system integration and dock-side testing.

Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI)



“All of the activities of MBARI must be characterized by excellence, innovation, and vision." — Founder, David Packard


Part of Greensea's Solution:

  • Develop a Software Requirements Specification (SRS) for the Ventana ROV software system.
  • Develop a design including basic software construction, specifications, IO lists, physical connections, configurations, functional descriptions, and interfaces.
  • Design Graphical User Interface.
  • Integration testing and evaluation that includes QA and software test reports.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)


Deep Discoverer, Serios

“NOAA’s mission touches the lives of every American and we are proud of our role in protecting life and property and conserving and protecting natural resources.” — Dr. Kathryn Sullivan, NOAA Administrator

Part of Greensea's Solution:

  • Develop telemetry system for NOAA's 6000-meter-rated ROV system installed on the Okeanos Explorer.
  • Develop control, navigation, and user interface software for the ROV and Serios camera platform.
  • Design the subsea chassis in both the ROV and camera platform.
  • Design the pilot and copilot consoles, the manipulator controls, and camera controls.