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The first viable hull inspection and cleaning alternative to in-water divers that is cost-effective and environmentally responsible. 

Greensea offers a new paradigm in ship hull husbandry to address upcoming regulations, propulsive fuel costs, and environmental concerns. Using a proprietary hull-relative navigation solution, Greensea’s robotic system provides extremely accurate autonomous hull inspection and grooming. The man-portable robotic crawler is economical and designed to support the concept of operations specific to ship husbandry. 

Greensea is developing a crawler to be used for hull inspection (maintenance and EOD applications), hull-relative navigation, and autonomous hull grooming. Initially this crawler will integrate with the Videoray MSS Defender ROV, opening up a new realm of capabilities for the ROV. With low pressure suction adhesion and rubber tracks, a Greensea Crawler equipped ROV can safely transit ship hulls, tank walls or other hard surfaces to perform inspection and intervention tasks. By retaining both free flying and crawling capabilities, as well as a non-magnetic method of attachment, this technology offers greater flexibility of application being able to be used on aluminum vessels, concrete walls or polycarbonate tanks as well as being able to quickly transit between areas of interest. Greensea’s proven control technology enables the operator to fly the vehicle into position, and once in position attach to the hull within a matter of seconds.

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The tracks and adhesion force create a level of stability and precision control not achievable by a vehicle flying in the water column. Underwater Inspection in Lieu of Drydocking (UWILD) inspectors can produce higher quality videos with the benefits of a “fixed” camera position not buffeted by currents. Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) technicians can operate a manipulator for an intervention task with the security of a stable base. Engineers can determine precise measurements from 3-D laser scans with confidence that their sensors didn’t move.

The Greensea Crawler can be upgraded to incorporate a FOG-based inertial navigation system (INS) and advanced control software. By merging the INS and feature-based sonar navigation into the Crawler, Greensea’s technology is able to provide a previously unavailable level of precision positioning and control for an ROV on a ship’s hull. Coupling this precision navigation capability with task automation, the system can be quickly programmed to execute automated inspection tasks, freeing the operator from active piloting actions.

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Interested parties should contact Greg Probst, Greensea Vice President of Sales and Business Development, or Chris Gibson, VideoRay Vice President of Sales, Marketing & Business Development, for more information about how to participate in Greensea’s hull robotics program or obtain additional information about the Defender ROV. Prototypes of the crawler technology for the Defender are available through Greensea and VideoRay. Early adopters will receive dedicated support and will be instrumental in providing feedback leading to final requirements and system design.

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Now accepting applicants in Hull Grooming Prototype Program. Join Greensea’s early adopter program and help further define the requirements for this ground-breaking technology.

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