Core Technology

OPENSEA Technology

We started our company with one goal in mind: to improve the relationship between man and machine. To do so, we built an operating platform for the marine industry that integrates vehicles, sensors, and equipment into one robotic system. OPENSEA® represents a decade of development and cross-manufacturer partnerships; providing a robust environment for new and emerging technologies.

Cooperative Robotics

OPENSEA provides the marine industry an open-architecture and distributed software framework for developing and adopting complex robotic systems. Vehicles work as integrated systems coordinating navigation, vehicle control, and payloads to provide greater operational capabilities. Through coordination of these systems and emerging technologies, we are advancing robotic systems for high level tasking, interoperability, and intervention.

Integrated Systems

We believe integrated systems with SWaP-C optimized navigation and autonomy will be the key to success and growth in the marine industry. Smaller vehicles that can work cooperatively with technicians provide greater value and greater potential. Greensea develops and implements three primary technologies with OPENSEA to make the systems we work with everyday better: navigation, control, and the user interface. With navigation and control, we provide the vehicles more capability; with better user interfaces, we give their operators a better way of communicating with them.


The OPENSEA platform is currently running on more than 800 marine vehicles of varying shapes, sizes, and job functions. Using the OPENSEA software platform, Greensea provides flexible, scalable navigation and control systems — allowing the same high-quality, reliable products to run on micro-ROVs, large work-class ROVs, submarines, hybrid vehicles, surface vessels, and more.


Proven Technoology

A Proven Foundation
Greensea developed OPENSEA to provide a common core architecture for precision vehicle control and navigation. We built OPENSEA with a couple of basic ideas in mind: 1. Advanced technology requires a proven foundation and 2. Technology going offshore needs to be intuitive and robust. After more than 10 years of developing OPENSEA, we can now say it: Mission accomplished.

Tools for Developers

How We Develop
The tools OPENSEA provides are managed as a single library and are accessed through a powerful Application Programming Interface. Developers can build on the same solid framework as Greensea by including the OPENSEA library in their applications, or by tapping into the open architecture of the OPENSEA Suite of applications.

Field-Tested Technology

Field-Tested Technology
We've installed hundreds of OPENSEA-based systems over the last eight years. That means OPENSEA has been, and is currently, tested again and again in every imaginable condition. Every hour under water strengthens the technology that powers OPENSEA applications, so what you get is a proven solution for delivering robust and capable navigation, control, and automation software offshore.

Designed to Do Work

Designed to Do Work
OPENSEA was built by operators, so we know what it takes to get the job done. It tightly combines navigation, control, payload management, mission planning, and diagnostics into a single workspace. It's easy to integrate, easy to use, and easy to troubleshoot. OPENSEA delivers the best software navigation, control, and automation solution for ROVs and AUVs in the industry, and does so intuitively and simply.