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Advanced Technology for Marine Applications

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Comprehensive solutions for end-users

These solutions include products, custom development, direct support, and training.

Greensea also aligns our R&D efforts to focus on these areas.

Maritime EOD Robotics

Greensea provides advanced open architecture software solutions for EOD Technicians using marine robotics to locate, identify, classify, and mitigate submerged threats. We focus on improving the utilization of robotics in this domain to keep Technicians safe, productive, and efficient. Our products and technologies enable many of the robots used in maritime Explosive Ordnance Disposal today and our research and development programs are providing solutions for tomorrow.

EOD Workspace is an open architecture navigation and control platform for Remotely Operated Vehicles used by EOD Technicians. It provides a better way to operate ROVs through system integration, automation, and situational awareness. EOD Workspace was designed to streamline many of the tasks Technicians use ROVs to execute, while giving the Technician the information he needs, when he needs it, to conduct his job safely and effectively.

Greensea provides training and support services directly to EOD Technicians and program personnel using EOD Workspace.

Greensea recommends the VideoRay Defender ROV for maritime EOD.

EOD Workspace brochure

More info about EOD Workspace.

Special Operations Forces Diving

Greensea has partnered with STIDD to provide a navigation, control, and communications solution for the Diver Propulsion Device. RNAV2 and the family of supporting products are based on OPENSEA and deliver a complete navigation and mobility automation capability for combat divers. Greensea works directly with Operators to constantly develop new technologies and capabilities based on RNAV2.

Image of military divers ready to use diver propulsion device

RNAV2 is the most capable diver navigation system in the world. Consisting of a true Inertial Navigation System based on Greensea’s FOG-based GS4, RNAV2 provides accurate long-range navigation with support for multiple alignment methods. Greensea’s comprehensive Workspace provides a graphical environment for navigation, sonar acquisition, mission management, and situational awareness. RNAV2 has a supporting family of products providing optionally-manned autonomy for the Diver Propulsion Device, hydrographic survey capability, underwater communications, target tracking, and target homing.

A critical aspect of Greensea’s Special Operations Forces Diving program is research and development. Greensea works closely with Operators and program managers to develop new technology and provide new operational capabilities. The open architecture of RNAV2 provides a ready platform for technology insertion and interoperability with other SOF assets.

Greensea provides training and support services directly to SOF Operators and program personnel using RNAV2 and the RNAV2 family of products.

STIDD Systems, Inc.

Research & Development


  • Interoperability, intervention, and high-level tasking for advanced robotic systems
  • Full & supervised autonomy for surface, subsea, and diver vehicles including over-the-horizon communications
  • Systems integration and payload management
  • Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM)
  • SWaP-C optimized navigation customized by application for heightened accuracy

Hull Robotics Program

Greensea is developing a crawler that with the intended use being hull inspection for maintenance and EOD applications, hull-relative navigation, and autonomous hull grooming. Initially this crawler will integrate with the Videoray MSS Defender ROV, opening up a new realm of capabilities for the ROV. With low pressure suction adhesion and rubber tracks, a Greensea Crawler equipped ROV can safely transit ship hulls, tank walls or other hard surfaces to perform inspection and intervention tasks. By retaining both free flying and crawling capabilities, as well as a non-magnetic method of attachment, this technology offers greater flexibility of application being able to be used on aluminum vessels, concrete walls or polycarbonate tanks as well as being able to quickly transit between areas of interest. Greensea’s proven control technology enables the operator to fly the vehicle into position, and once in position attach to the hull within a matter of seconds.

Learn more about Greensea’s Hull Robotics Program. Read the press release.

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