Quick Tip #12 – Locking Waypoints

Waypoints are an excellent tool to control your vehicle. You can execute an entire operation using only a single waypoint to move your vehicle. But, there might be times when you want to make sure that you don’t accidentally move a waypoint. This quick tip will help you make sure that your waypoints stay where they are when you want them to move.

Locking a Single Waypoint

To lock a single waypoint right-click it, and select Lock Waypoint from the pop-up menu. That’s it, you’ve locked the waypoint. If you want to unlock a waypoint, right-click it, and select Unlock Waypoint from the pop-up menu.

Locking and Unlocking a Waypoint

Locking all Waypoints (and Markers)

What if you want to lock all of your waypoints at once? You can do that by clicking the Lock button at the top of the mission panel. When the lock is enabled, the button will be green, and any waypoints and markers that have already been created will be locked. If you click the Lock button again, it will turn blue, and all waypoints and markers will be moveable.

You can’t accidentally move a locked waypoint

It’s important to note that the Lock button only locks waypoints and markers that have already been created. Any waypoints or markers you create after the Lock button has been enabled are still be movable. To lock new waypoints and markers, click the lock button once to disable it, and then click it again to re-enable the waypoint and marker locks.

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