Quick Tip #13 – Safety Zones

Markers are a useful tool to note an interesting feature detected during a mission. But, you can also use markers to highlight areas to avoid or an area where a pilot might need to be cautious. This quick tip will walk you through two ways to highlight dangerous area in the Mission Panel.

Marker Safety Zones

You can use a marker safety zone to highlight the area around a marker. First, create a marker at the location you want to highlight, then right-click the marker and select Show Safety Zone from the pop-up menu, this will create a circular area around the marker. The default safety zone size is 5m, but you can edit its size from the Markers Tab, under Chart Items in Mission Panel Tools.

Region Tool Exclusion Zones

Alternatively, you can also use the regions tool to mark an area, this approach is useful for creating an irregularly shaped zone. To do this, create a region as you normally would, right-click the region, and then select Toggle Exclusion Zone from the pop-up menu. When an exclusion zone is enabled, the region will turn red.

Turning a region into an exclusion zone will remove any missions associated with that region.

One thing to remember, marker safety zones and exclusion zones are only visual indicators. They will not prevent you from flying your vehicle into and out of these areas.

Thanks for taking the time to check out our quick tips. As always, if you’d like more information, you can contact us at blog@greensea.com. See you soon!

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