Quick Tips for Workspace #1

Our first Quick Tips for Workspace is an easy one to master and based on your workflow, you might use it a lot or you might seldom use it.

Quick Tip No. 1: Switch views quickly with the F-keys.

By using the F-keys (the row of keys at the top of a keyboard), you can move between different layouts of the Flight View.

Note: Your version of Workspace might look or behave differently than described depending upon vehicle and version.

F1 – Default Layout

F1 – Default view.

The default layout of FlightView is to have the heading bar or ribbon across the top, control bar down the far left, and then the depth & altitude bar. Mission view is in the center and then the sonar and video windows are on the right. To return to this layout, hit F-1.

F2 – Video View

Video View

Hit F-2 to focus on video. This centers the video window to give you the best view of what the camera is reading. Toggle the controls on (as shown) to have access to the camera controls such as zoom, focus, and white balance.

F3 – Sonar View

Sonar View

To focus on the Sonar fan, hit F-3 and the Sonar window will occupy the center of the window. Toggle controls on (as shown) to have more control over the sonar display.

F4 – Mission View

Mission View

Mission view puts the loaded mission front and center. Any maps, charts, or images that are loaded fill the entire Flight View window. In this example, a search route is planned.

F5 – Sonar & Video Combined

Sonar & Video Combined View

This view comes in handy when what’s on video and sonar is equally important. This particular view is handy when following along a pipeline or cable lay.

F6 – Toggle Controls On/Off

Controls On

F-6 is probably one of the key commands that you’ll use the most. It toggles the controls on and off. Compare this image to the one for F-5 and you’ll see the controls on (here) and off (above). The controls that show depend upon the layout that you are in. Sonar controls when viewing sonar, for example.

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