Safe C2 Demo Success

Safe C2 was recently demonstrated under several different conditions and applications during December 2022. One of the most interesting was an Armach Robotics demonstration that took place in Norfolk, VA.

During this event, the hull service robot (HSR), located in Norfolk was controlled by John Dunn, Armach VP of Operations, 600 miles away in Plymouth, Massachusetts at the Armach HQ. The demonstration of Safe C2 began with ensuring the 4G cellular comms connection was made between Norfolk and Plymouth, and then the completion of pre-dive checks on the pier. Once the checks were complete, the HSR was launched off the pier. Basically, Cody Peyres, Armach Operations Manager, tossed it off the pier. (Fingers crossed!)

During this trial, John was able to fly the vehicle from the launch point at the pier and make a controlled approach to the side of the ship. Once there, it was able to attach itself successfully, and travel along the ship’s side performing a short test cleaning protocol. It was also demonstrated that the HSR can recognize objects in its planned path of transit, autonomously navigate around these, and return to its originally planned path of operation – also referred to as an obstacle detection and avoidance maneuver.

Flying the vehicle from Plymouth and landing on the BB64 was a euphoric experience, as we reached one more milestone on our technology roadmap. We were absolutely geeking out in Plymouth.

John Dunn, VP of Operations

The December demonstration completes another key milestone in Armach’s roadmap to its full technical offering.  Future state will include small footprint robotics systems that are able to launch, clean and recover automatically all while supervised remotely from Armach’s Plymouth, Massachusetts headquarters. 

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