SAFE C2™ is a platform independent, plug-in solution allowing the operation of ROVs from safe standoff distances for military or commercial use. It allows the ROV pilot to be anywhere on-shore while controlling a vehicle anywhere off-shore. Using SAFE C2, the operator no longer needs to be on the deployment vessel, reducing risk while freeing up valuable crew space.

SAFE C2 extends Greensea’s current navigation, command, and control systems installed in thousands of ROVs around the globe including the current US Navy EOD SeaBotix vLBV ROV, the Next Generation EOD Underwater Response Vehicle, and workclass ROVs. Supporting a wide range of COTS data links, SAFE C2 is technically viable for the expeditionary maritime EOD CONOPS, and operationally viable for conducting advanced intervention tasks with ROVs.

The technology hurdle addressed in SAFE C2, which makes the long range control of a ROV practical, is handling of the data stream back and forth between operator and vehicle. SAFE C2 manages the data stream by transmitting the least amount of data necessary and sychronizing data so that even with slight delays, the sonar and video will remain in synch when the operator sees them.


  • Open architecture
  • Leverages Greensea’s supervised autonomy systems for ROVs and shipboard systems
  • Hardware, vehicle, and protocol agnostic
  • Bandwidth scaling by protocol and task
  • Highly configurable and scalable
  • Builds on existing assets in US Navy and commercial fleets worldwide
  • Plug-and-play, add-on capability in the field
  • Implemented as a software plug-in to Greensea’s Professional and EOD Workspace ROV command and control products
  • Supports any ROV with OPENSEA architecture installed
  • Customizable for specific applications, systems, and integrations
  • Integrates with other Greensea autonomy and navigation products


Four fundamental technologies for implementing a long-range standoff system for ROVs from manned and unmanned vessels.

1 Data Management:

Reduce and manage transmitted data to optimize available communications link.

Supervised autonomy with automatic target and work-area recognition.

Dynamic bandwidth allocation based on task.


Compensate for the situational awareness lost when the operator is not present with the ROV.

Data stream latency management, reduction, & stream synchronization.

User interface elements for optimal situational awareness.


Tether modeling in the water column and prediction of optimal length required.

Active and autonomous tether management.

Vehicle control elements to prevent entanglement and control fouling.


“Crawl, walk, run” integration strategy beginning with helmsman interface through direct vessel interface.

Backseat driver architecture for vessel integration.

Shipboard system fusion and situational awareness.

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