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Greensea's offshore experienced robotics experts provide full integration support.

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“You can throw all the technology in the world at a problem and you still won’t get a solution if you don’t address the operator’s relationship to it.”

Greensea Systems, Inc. is a global leader in advanced robotic systems for high-level tasking, interoperability, and intervention. As we’ve developed the OPENSEA platform, we have become experts at solving the hard problems in the harsh environment of the sea. Our partners are able to leverage our experience to avoid many of the struggles and pitfalls inherent when working subsea.

Utilizing the OPENSEA operating platform, Greensea can provide complex robotic systems that are customized to address real-world applications. The full suite of Greensea technologies includes navigation/localization, autonomy, device control, and operator interface. Together, these technologies provide a powerful, comprehensive, modular, robotic system that is ready to take on challenging tasks. Give us a call to discuss how to leverage our technology.

Greensea’s services may include customized training, classroom simulation, continued customized research & development, or offshore engineering support.

EOD Workspace

Working closely with ROV manufacturers and military personnel Greensea developed the OPENSEA EOD platform and EOD Workspace providing a revolutionary navigation, control, and workspace system for expeditionary class ROVs specifically oriented to maritime EOD operations.

Working closely with military assets around the world, Greensea has developed product & training specific to EOD tasks and procedures such as:

  • Search & survey
  • Identify, reacquire, and neutralize threats
  • Conduct forensic and salvage operations

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SOF – Diver Focused Technologies

The special operations forces (SOF) combat diver performs incredibly complex tasks under hostile conditions. These complex tasks are made up of simpler subtasks, like operating mobility systems and navigating. We believe that if these subtasks can be automated, the diver will be able to focus on the higher-level objectives necessary for mission success and safety.

We understood that without deep involvement from the operational community, it would be impossible to make sure our system was easy to use and had capabilities relevant to divers in the field. Our team of engineers—many of whom are divers themselves with regular testing responsibilities—has spent years getting to know combat divers. By continuously gathering feedback from the field, we are better able to comprehensively meet the diver’s needs so they can focus on executing safe and successful missions.

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Custom Control and Navigation

Greensea works directly with manufacturers, academics, and creators to develop navigation and control systems that address their specific needs. For additional information about the development process, click here. Use the form below to contact our sales department to discuss system-specific needs.

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