Simulator for EOD Workspace

Simulator for EOD Workspace Prepares Operators in a Virtual Underwater Environment

EOD Workspace was developed for small, inspection class ROVs such as the VideoRay® MSS Defender® to specifically address the requirements for use in the EOD workflow. EOD Workspace automates piloting the ROV, so that EOD technicians can focus on the job: locating, identifying and disabling underwater ordnance.

EOD Workspace with ROV orbiting  potential hazard.
EOD Workspace with ROV orbiting potential hazard.


The EOD Workspace Simulator provides a powerful training tool to develop and maintain proficiency with EOD Workspace and MSS Defender without utilizing an actual ROV or requiring any in-water activities. Using either the manufacturer’s controller or provided controller and EOD Workspace running on a laptop, users experience realistic navigation, sonar, mission planning, and ROV simulation.

Practicing and training on missions within the simulator replicates actual CONOPS with the mission planning software. Trainers can specify starting coordinates, environmental conditions such as time of day, surface conditions, current, and turbidity. Each scene is typically 2km x 2km and includes mine targets so operators develop proficiency reading sonar and detecting objects.


Based on a high-fidelity physics engine with an accurate hydrodynamic model of the ROV and using real world bathymetry and satellite data, simulated raw sensor data is provided to EOD Workspace as operators maneuver in the virtual world. Operators can accurately exercise all functions of the ROV including pre-dive checks, mission planning, initialization, alignment, sonar, and autopilots.

EOD Workspace Simulator provides a powerful and comprehensive means for operators to train, maintain proficiency and evaluate CONOPS while reducing the time required, the risk to force, and the cost of training.

The EOD Workspace Simulator includes OPENSEA simulator hub with software, hand controller, cables, and requires a computer with the following minimum specifications. (Most current gaming computers are sufficient).

  • Computer Type: Desktop or Laptop
  • Video Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX770 or newer
  • Operating System: Windows 10 Professional
  • Processor Core: i7 Haswell
  • Min. RAM: 8 GB
  • Screen Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels
OPENSEA Simulator Hub
Hand controller

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