Unfiltered #8 – The Irrationality of Entrepreneurship

I have done some stupid shit in my life.  There have been many questionable decisions.  But, there have also been just some flat out stupid choices.  For instance, and just to set the bar here….  In my early twenties, I lived on a boat in Stock Island, FL near Key West.  Now, this was the […]

Unfiltered #5 – The Myth of Solo Success

Last week was Thanksgiving in the US.  This is a time to reflect and to give thanks for what we have.  Traditionally, it has also been a time to travel, see family and friends, relax, and eat – a lot.  This year, some of those traditions were paused to limit travel and communion out of […]

Unfiltered #2 – Sustainment

A good friend of mine has developed a pretty remarkable and novel app for children and adults needing help learning to communicate and speak.  She created this app after 20 years as a speech-language pathologist in private practice.  Based on the success of the app within her own practice and moderate use in school systems […]

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