Quick Tip for Workspace #4

Waypoint Details In Quick Tip No. 3 we talked about how you could control your vehicle using Waypoints to command the vehicle and created a simple mission. In this quick tip, we’ll talk about how you can use the waypoint editor to create more detailed waypoints. The Default Way Let’s say you execute a two […]

Quick Tip for Workspace #3

In Quick Tip No. 2 we talked about how you can use auto modes and setpoints to control your vehicle. Quick Tip No. 3 is about how you can control your vehicle using Waypoints to command the vehicle to go to and hold at a location or to create missions. We’ll also take a minute […]

Quick Tip for Workspace #2

Quick Tip #2 is all about auto-settings. These are the controls that pass off some of the workload of controlling the vehicle to Workspace. Without any auto-settings or “autos” turned on, you will be directly controlling  the vehicle with the joystick/controller/computer. Piloting the vehicle becomes much easier if you are using the autos. Not all […]

Quick Tips for Workspace #1

Our first Quick Tips for Workspace is an easy one to master and based on your workflow, you might use it a lot or you might seldom use it. Quick Tip No. 1: Switch views quickly with the F-keys. By using the F-keys (the row of keys at the top of a keyboard), you can […]

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