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A Robust Technology Framework for Complex Robotic Systems

The OPEN Software and Equipment Architecture (OPENSEA) is a comprehensive software platform for developing robotic systems. It provides a fully-distributed, open software framework for highly integrated systems across all brands of sensors, devices, and equipment while its cutting-edge technologies for navigation and autonomy elevate system intelligence.

Utilizing the OPENSEA operating platform, Greensea can provide complex robotic systems that are customized to address real-world applications. The full suite of Greensea technologies include navigation/localization, control, autonomy, and human-machine interface. Together, these technologies provide a powerful, comprehensive, and modular robotic system that is ready to take on challenging tasks.


Navigation, Localization, and Pose Estimation

The OPENSEA platform includes a flexible navigation and localization engine with multiple navigating modes for different conditions, environments, and tasks. All Greensea navigation systems are optimized for size, weight, power, and cost (SWaP-C) restrictions while providing extremely accurate navigation that absolutely georeferences and locates the vehicle. Designed to be customizable by application, the technology supports manual navigation sensor fusion to enhance the ability to make the decisions that are right for any given situation.

Greensea’s navigation achieves optimal results by using a cascaded navigation estimation methodology. The estimation algorithm identifies compromised sensor data and chooses the best combination of sensors to optimize the solution. It also supports manual sensor fusion for  situational decision making. Greensea navigation products are currently used in challenging environments such as highly dynamic diver mobility platforms, and tank inspection and hull inspection which require alternative navigation coordinate frames.

Navigation Products


Highly stable, rapidly modifiable, fully integrated

OPENSEA’s robust vehicle control architecture provides exceptional vehicle stability and maneuverability. Vehicles can overcome environmental challenges with autopilot controls designed to adapt quickly to varying conditions. The fly-by-wire system can be used to control surface, subsea, and terrestrial vehicles as well as their payload.  And, with existing support for thousands of sensors and a wide array of equipment, the Greensea controls technology can be quickly configured for a completely integrated system or system of systems.

Custom Control Systems

Supervised Autonomy

Safe, efficient, and scalable multitasking

With supervised autonomy, operators have a higher-level language for communicating commands to their robotic partner. Integrated inertial navigation, vehicle control, automated tasks, payload, and target-relative positioning combine to provide an extremely capable, easy-to-operate system.  Operators can improve their situational awareness and focus on conducting their jobs without having to become ROV pilots.

From autonomously sending ROVs down to 6000 meters to remotely controlling bridge erection boats, Greensea’s supervised autonomy systems are designed for work. By leveraging our proven modular core technology, OPENSEA, systems are designed and deployed quickly and robustly. Our success is driven by hands-on experience, working directly with our customers to create requirements-centered systems that meet their objectives.

Human-Machine Interface

Redefining operator control

Greensea excels in providing operator interface with an underlying modular operating platform (OPENSEA) that provides an environment for fully integrated, complex robotic systems.  This technology allows Workspace to provide the operator with two key benefits: a simplified, streamlined workflow and enhanced capabilities supporting real-world applications.


  • Multi-operator environment
  • Remote workstations
  • Multi-asset tracking and communication
  • Sensor aggregation and visualization
  • Georeferenced sensor data


  • Fully Integrated, cross-platform (Linux, Windows)
  • Modular and distributed data
  • Server-less data sharing
  • Diagnostics, signal plotting, alarm management
  • Define exclusion and “stay-in” zones
  • Define transect angles and spacing
  • Execute multiple missions in one operation
  • Automate tasks at waypoints: loiter, wait, station keep, hover, orbit, repeat tasks, turn heading to X, etc.


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