Human-Machine Interface

Redefining operator control

Greensea excels in providing operator interface with an underlying modular operating platform (OPENSEA) that provides an environment for fully integrated, complex robotic systems.  This technology allows Workspace to provide the operator with two key benefits: a simplified, streamlined workflow and enhanced capabilities supporting real-world applications.


  • Multi-operator environment
  • Remote workstations
  • Multi-asset tracking and communication
  • Sensor aggregation and visualization
  • Georeferenced sensor data


  • Fully Integrated, cross-platform (Linux, Windows)
  • Modular and distributed data
  • Server-less data sharing
  • Diagnostics, signal plotting, alarm management
  • Define exclusion and “stay-in” zones
  • Define transect angles and spacing
  • Execute multiple missions in one operation
  • Automate tasks at waypoints: loiter, wait, station keep, hover, orbit, repeat tasks, turn heading to X, etc.


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