The Team

We’re the hands-on engineers, physicists and developers who spend time at sea—in good weather and bad.  We’re the people who love to figure out how to make hard stuff a whole lot easier.  We’re also the guys (and gals) you call when you need it to work. 

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  • Chelsea Allen

    Production Coordinator
  • Cameron Bradley

    Technical Content Creator
  • Chris Burnham

    Software Developer
  • Dawn D'Angelillo

    Marketing Manager
  • Alden Fredericks

    Engineering Technician
  • Marybeth Gilliam

    Chief Operating Officer
  • Morgan Gomez

    Engineering Technician
  • Alex Goodchild

    Engineering Technician
  • Heath Hescock

    Senior Robotics Engineer
  • Niels Huisman

    Production Technician
  • Kyle Jaunich

    Engineering Intern
  • Shannon Ketcham

    Production Technician
  • Ben Kinnaman

    CEO, President
  • Joanna Kinnaman

    Outreach Coordinator
  • Karl Lander

    Account Executive
  • Jeremy Larson

    Senior Systems Engineer
  • Liam Osler

    Engineering Technician
  • Shay Osler

    Engineer Manager, Senior Robotics Engineer
  • Matt Parrilla

    Robotics Engineer
  • Colin Riggs

    Director of Product Development, Senior Robotics Engineer
  • Maggie Schreier

    General Manager
  • Mike Wieliczki

    Software Developer
  • Regina Yopak

    Applications Engineer, Service Manager