Welcome to Greensea's interactive Workspace.

This page gives you a real look at how your navigation, control, automation, sonar, and video data can be integrated into one easy-to-use workspace. You can take a more in-depth tour by mousing over different areas to explore features like autopilots, waypoints, and mission planning. Want to see the workspace in action? Check out the demo videos posted below.

If you're interested in exploring the full scope of the Workspace, one of our engineers can give you a demonstration. No other interface provides such a clear window to the functionality of your vehicle. With this powerful work environment, you'll see a dramatic improvement in the data quality you can mine from every mission. Find out how you can eliminate multiple screens, computers, and third-party navigation packages from your ROV operations. Find out more about Workspace now.

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"The controls are very intuitive and their topside is the size of an old external hard drive. Very small footprint, but a very powerful package. They are being very well received in this market and have been very busy with high-end clients." — AJ Cecchettini, Sales Manager for Deep Ocean Engineering, Inc.

Playback in Action

Adding Alarms

Depth on the Data Plotter

Charting Waypoints