Unfiltered #1 –  I have to start here.

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Unfiltered #1 – I have to start here.

I have wanted to start a blog for several years but it is a hard thing to do.  I think starting a blog is like getting a first tattoo.  The first one is sort of embarrassing.  It’s like: “When did you become a blogger?”, “When did you start getting tattoos?”  It feels like a personality change or a new becoming.  But, that first tattoo was a long time ago and one day this first blog post will be too.  So, I have to start here.

A better question would be: “Why now?”  The answer is pretty simple and common.  I am inspired.

As Greensea turns 14 years old in a few weeks, I am inspired by the community we have built on a vision of open architecture robotics in the subsea industry.  When I started Greensea in 2006, I did it based on the belief that we could move the industry forward faster through community, benefiting from the experiences we all have and extending a common platform upon which we can all build.  I think we have now deployed more than 1300 systems based on OPENSEA.  These 1300 systems span the spectrum of subsea activity with robotics and machines:  submarines, diver systems, ROVs, AUVs, USVs, boats, towfish, sensor arrays, towfish, and even a met buoy.  We are now applying the same open concepts of technology to business through collaboration and communication to empower our partners and build a community that can achieve more together.

So, this blog is going to be a way to share the inspiration I get from our community.  It will probably not always be about robotics but it will usually at least address something relevant to our OPENSEA community.  It will be honest, authentic, and unfiltered.  And, I am not going to let marketing edit this stuff.  Sometimes the best way to understand a company is through a clear pane of glass.

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