US Navy Continues Adoption of Greensea EOD Workspace

Richmond, Vermont USA – Greensea, creator of OPENSEA®, the open architecture robotics platform for the marine industry, is providing EOD Workspace software systems for another multi-million dollar order of VideoRay Defender ROVs headed to the U.S. Navy. This delivery marks another important advancement in Greensea’s mission to fully-support ROV operators with an OPEN software system that provides the most advanced capabilities today and easily scales over time to embrace innovations in sensors, equipment, and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

“EOD Workspace has a 4-month development cycle, driven by feedback gathered during field trials. We are able to rapidly respond to the emerging needs of EOD Technicians on the battlefield,” says Peter Kerson, Greensea EOD Technologies Program Manager. “The advancements in our software make it easier for the EOD Tech to operate from a safe standoff distance, minimizing the risk to force, so that they may return home safely to their families.”

Greensea’s unique autopilot capabilities are particularly favored by users because they allow the Defender to hold a specific position, at a specific pitch and heading, without additional user input. Using this feature, the EOD Technician can focus on the job at hand instead of controlling the vehicle. Situational awareness can be increased as they capture information from high definition cameras, cut and grip with the built-in manipulator, or take action to render an underwater explosive safe.

The Defender, with Greensea EOD Workspace, has been selected as a Next Generation EOD Underwater Response Vehicle by the U.S. Navy.  The fully-integrated vehicle provides exceptional navigation and control to better support EOD technicians working in high-risk environments. These capabilities can also be found in Greensea’s Professional ROV product which is available on the VideoRay ROV for commercial applications such as off-shore energy and aquaculture.

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