Video: Starting Your System

When I’m trying to figure out how to do something, the first thing I do is go to the internet. Specifically, the first thing I’m looking for, is a video. For the past several years at Greensea, the documentation team has raced to keep up with our engineers to keep information updated on the Knowledge Base. It is full of great info, but until recently we haven’t had the bandwidth to make a lot of video content. But now our team is growing, and we’re able to invest more in video content.

Greensea was built on OPENSEA, and open is a concept that we try to embrace. One way we can be more open is to make more content that is available for all users, or even people curious about OPENSEA and Workspace. We tried this our Quick Tips but now, we’re taking the next step into creating video Workspace Introductions.

You’ll be seeing these on our YouTube channel, LinkedIn, here, and on the Knowledge Base.

We’re releasing our first video today, and will be releasing two more over the next week.

Past next week, you can expect more regular video content updates over the next few weeks. We’re starting with Workspace Introductions, but we’re also going to be moving into some other areas we can’t talk about quite yet. If there’s something you’d like to see feel free to comment, and subscribe to our channel for more updates, or contact us at

Starting your System

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